Gabriel Sánchez Viveros

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The Artist

Gabriel Sánchez Viveros seeks to show his life experience through his artwork. His pieces reflect the desire to provoke in the viewer a reality where he reflects himself through the mirror contained in his work. Learn More.


Flora’s Soul

Flora's Soul is the most recent collection by the artist Gabriel Sánchez Viveros.

This collection consists of stamps and paintings made with natural pigments extracted from flowers and printed on handmade amate and cotton paper .

This body of work is a consequence of his previous collections in which he reflected on the origin of things, ideas, life and the conscience of the human being. On this occasion, Gabriel reflects on the moment in which the first men were aware of their environment, nature and their emotions.

In this series, Gabriel reminds us that instants are unique and that we are here on earth just for a moment.

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Art Collections


collection: D-Evolución

collection: El Origen

collection: Entre Líneas

collection: PRIMITIVO



The Origin

The Origin is a consequence of the D-Evolution exhibition presented at the Espacio y Lugar gallery in 2015, it's a material exploration of the ostrich egg shells and conceptually part of the premise "Destroy to build".

Artists live from time;
they make each instant eternal,
they transform it into something infinite.
— Gabriel Sánchez Viveros