From the Premise "Destroy to Build"

D-Evolución (D-Evolution)

The author shows the need to destroy to rebuild by means of the actions exerted on the shells used in each of his works: cut, drill, break, bind, join, among others. During this process of recognition, the artist seeks to understand and affirm the evolution of his identity by using shells as an element that insinuates from the origin, to the different ruptures and reconfigurations that occurred during the different stages of his life.


ROT (Red)

In this series of intervened photographs, Gabriel Sánchez Viveros seeks to portray, on the one hand, the diversity of the members that can shape a family, but also seeks to strengthen the physical characteristics that distinguish each one.

Pigmentos 1 001-5.jpg

Flora's Soul

Flora's Soul is the most recent collection by the artist Gabriel Sánchez Viveros. It consists of stamps and paint made with natural pigments on handmade amate paper.

El Origen (The Origin)

The term "The Origin" means to affirm, on the one hand, a successive transformation during a period of time, and on the other, a return to the principle of being. In the present sample, Gabriel Sánchez Viveros continues with his self-reflective process this time around this concept and through the construction of pieces that go from the object art to the production of gif files.


Entre Líneas (Between Lines)

Between the lines is a series of photographs taken in Saudi Arabia and intervened to simulate the gaze of women through the burkas; as well as the look through the windows that have such characteristic patterns.

Primitivo (Primitive)

Primitivo is an installation made from body paintings in which the artist proposes a reflection on the first time that man was aware of himself and also about the need for transcendence and legacy that has characterized our species.


Nudity as a Costume

This is a photographic series by Gabriel Sánchez Viveros in which he explores self-portraits and nudes in the use of plastic, digital, analog and multimedia tools.

"Nudity as a costume" is a denial of the fashions that dictate who you are. It is a series that dares to show Gabriel how he sees himself.